Bowie and Big Knife Fighting System

Bowie and Big Knife Fighting System
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Whether you want to learn to fight with a big blade or just want to find out more about Bowie, this book is for you. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews.

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Feb 19, Marcus Wynne rated it it was amazing. Excellent book for the knife historian but especially the knife fighting practitioner. McElmore used to host Bowies on the Beach down at Virginia Beach, which was an all day full contact with wooden Bowies s Excellent book for the knife historian but especially the knife fighting practitioner. McElmore used to host Bowies on the Beach down at Virginia Beach, which was an all day full contact with wooden Bowies sparring event — you had martial artists, Navy SEALs, military personnel and some old dudes out there mixing it up full contact on the sand.

Great fun! Jun 10, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: knife-fighting. Excellent line drawings make an average book a good one. Lots of fencing-based material on stances, attacks, and defenses. Nat rated it really liked it Dec 29, Ryan rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Thomas Moffatt rated it really liked it May 05, Then the foul kick for the stomach is a trick that makes the new world knife fighter altogether ahead of his Andalusian prototype for practical results.

All fighting Mexicans or vaqueros wear boots with high tops and heels and heavy thick soles, with which one is liable to receive a ripping side kick under the guard at an unexpected moment. The way is paved for the foot blow by a series of continuous hoisting of the right knee during sparring. The throwing of a knife, affected in practice by would-be bad youths of the North who have sought education in the dime novel, is useful only as a circus trick.

The true knife fighter would no more think of risking his life by such a thing than the cowboy would take chances of braining an adversary by throwing his gun at him. A knife thrown at one is easily dodged as a club or other missile, and the party at whom it has been thrown may in most instances kill his enemy at leisure, having his man disarmed.

As unreasonable as it may appear at first sight two duelists with the knife if they are well trained in the art, often consume a long time before the winner is determined. To take a full opening for the body is a great risk for the man making it unless the advantage is all his own. A deft side step or parry and he is in further than he can get out, and his opponent has him as his mercy. But with a tenderfoot no such precaution is necessary, and the Mexican who is lucky enough to scare such game prides himself on finishing the victim at a stroke or so.

The short man, if he is well up in tactics and spry on his pins, carries the advantage over a taller adversary. The taller man has the better reach, but, as being able to get under the guard of an opponent is the most telling part of the game, the short and shifty fighter is accounted the lucky one.

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The head is the last point to think about. He was short and bow-legged, and his particular delight when man-hungry was to pick a fight out of a tall adversary. He was a sort of Jem Mace in his way, in that his whole time and attention were given to his art, but unlike Jem his philosophy led him to believe that the best and easiest way to lick a man was to kill him.

He never met his match with the knife, but one day a ball from a Winchester stopped him seventy-five yards short of a man he was about to interview. I think between this article and the Ohimnus one, there is probably enough to start again with Bowie Knives and try for a reconstruction.

Actually the crouching made me think a lot about.. West Side story! Thanks for the good comments! With a long enough blade, making constant circles works like a circular parry against hand cuts with the twirling action guiding the blade into the quillions. Definitely something to try out here. Read the section on the Navaja from the Pillars of Hercules. Makes all of the above very clear. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Biddle showing his Passata Sotto technique under the guard Some anecdotes seem to indicate that Mexican knife fighting had an influence on the Bowie system and that at some point they may have been one and the same.

Eye opening! Two tape set that is worth it for the Bowie stuff alone, or for the rest of it alone. Lotta bang for the buck!! Mike, Funny story about Bill teaching me to forge. I have known Bill for about 6 years through the black powder shooting never knew he was a knife maker last year i got interested in makeing knives and was showing bill one and he started to comment on my lack of skill and i gut my bristles up and asked him what made him such an expert.

Thanks Mike, I'll get the Legacy of Steel tapes. I've been eyeballing them and wondering if they were good.

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Maybe I can get you to come out again? About this product Product Information This valuable training guide provides insight into Jim Bowie, the 'Bowie knife' and the fighting systems associated with both. This is my first post. Backcuts should be delivered in at least pairs, and I imagine "flows" would start with at least three. I could not have a better example to follow. Add to cart. While I do enjoy fencing, my main complaint is that street fighting is NOT like dueling.

I have tremendous admiration and respect for these two gentlemen who turned me on to the Bowie as well as large knives. After much internalising rthe contents do you feel that the info is substantial. In the Legacy of Steel tape2, Rob Langford's delivery of the 4 part backcut in. However I believe the 4 part as well as the 8 part backut flow is Mr Keating's invention and stroke of genius. Hope Mr keating will have another backcut tape with more info on the 8 part backcut.

Appreciate anyone has the scoop on the 8 part backcut flow to share here : Mr Mclemore, in his DVD also demonstrated the 4 part backcut flow differently. Did he learned it from Mr Keating? Backcuts should be delivered in at least pairs, and I imagine "flows" would start with at least three. Where in the cycle you start, and how many of them you do in a flow, is going to be situational, as well as up to your ability. As to the differences in the four part flows, I'll have to see the DVD to tell. I believe Col. It's almost impossible to find any written material on the Bowie techniques that were actually being taught in the 's, but you can bet they were a mix from the different edged weapons of the varied cultures that was the melting pot of New Orleans.

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  • Bowie and Big Knife Fighting System.

Jim researched these techniques, combined them with the physical attributes of the Bowie knife, and gave us the American Blade Concepts system. Tapes 1, 2, and 3, are "must haves" for the serious student. Unfortunately others beat him into documenting so called Bowie Knife techniques etc.

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Bowie And Big-knife Fighting System [Dwight C. McLemore] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This valuable training guide provides insight . Bowie and Big-Knife Fighting System book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This valuable training guide provides insight in.

His ABC video essays alone in my opinion stand way above others claiming the true Bowie legacy and more. JAK should be conferred a PhD for his researches into the effectivenesss of the Bowie Knife in combat and slef defense. It's really quite a great class.. If you wann learn about knives and stuff, this is the place..

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Hi David, His advocacy for large knives is at variance with most knife makers. Even there are many so called Bowie makers out there, very few approach it from a weapon perspective, like he said " they don't know what they don't know". Greg Covington makes a very nice "Bagwellian looking Hell's Belle". Anyone have experience with Covington's work?

Bill is very knowledgeable about the bowie i had no idea until he sat down with me and explained the hows and whys of everyinch of a bowie knive with me it is amazeing how inadequate some other makers knives are.

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  • Description.
  • Bowie and Big-Knife Fighting System by Dwight C. McLemore (2003, Paperback).
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You are spot on. No one dare lay claim to have unveil the secrets behind the design I am looking forward to have a custom fitted Hell's Belle when the finances are available :. Big knife, don't settle for anything but the real thing i have a ontario and a bagwell. Black Horse, Thank you. You are absolutely right. I do not want to have any post purchase dissonance.

Divers foul tricks and stratagems: Mexican and Bowie knife fighting

If I were a collector, then any nice looking bowie will do. But none approach it holistically as Bill where he wants to know your shoe size, shirt size so that the end product he guarantees will feel magical in your hands. I already have Ontario's Hell's Belle. The real deal is on my wish and must have list. Bill's knives have had a great influence on Greg, and his approach is just the same - a weapon that will not fail.

Greg is kinda one of those best kept secrets, but word is starting to get out - "if you can't get a Bagwell, get a Covington". I've put Southern Comforts on a number of his knives, so have had a chance to handle them and see how they move - very well!!! Hi Mike, Thanks, Check his website www. BK, Checked the picture, yes that's a fighting guard,but different from what Bagwell does, and there's no Spanish notch.