Its Up to You... What Do You Do?: A Childs Book of Virtues

The Book of Virtues
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A responsibility might be a task you are expected to do. For example, your parents expect you to brush your teeth. Another task example is that your teacher expects you to finish your homework on time and to do your best job. A responsibility might be a way you are expected to act.

A consequence is the result or outcome of our actions. Consequences can be positive good or negative not good. For example, if you are supposed to do your chores by Sunday at and you get them done, the consequence of your actions is that you get paid and your parents are happy with you. When we act responsibly, or do the things we are responsible for doing, we have a positive consequence. A consequence is what happens as a result of our actions. When you are responsible, you have a positive outcome and you get the positive consequence for a job well done.

If you are irresponsible, you feel the pain of a negative consequence for a job done poorly or not at all. Being responsible leads to more trust and freedom because people know they can count on you to do the things you are expected to do. Being responsible can also be a big part of keeping you safe. Responsibility : Each morning you are expected to feed the dog.

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Consequence if you are responsible: First, the dog has a full belly and is healthy. Second, your parents know they can trust you to do what you say you will do and will be more likely to give you space and freedom to manage your own time. It would have been powerful to see Auggie accept his own face, while still wishing to be accepted by others.

Of course, many people with craniofacial conditions have a hard time coming to terms with their appearance. The existing lack of pop-cultural visibility for people with facial differences roughly , people have been diagnosed with a craniofacial condition in the U. The author shared that one boy with a facial difference came close to nabbing the lead role:.

Acting can be tough. You have to read the lines 30 different times, in different ways, with people watching you, opposite Julia Roberts. It would have been too much. Tremblay did a skilled job of bringing Auggie to life.

But his casting means that a nondisfigured writer Palacio and a nondisfigured actor Tremblay , who have no personal experience with craniofacial conditions, have now seemingly become the face and voice of an entire community. For her part, Palacio was inspired to write Wonder after her 3-year-old son started crying at the sight of a young girl with a facial difference. Wonder has many merits—an interesting story, solid acting, and lots of emotion—but it crucially fails to move past a sentimental representation of individuals with facial differences.

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The film, like the novel, struggles with making Auggie more than a prop; his very existence is meant to be inspiring to other characters and to viewers. The complex backstories of Miranda, Via, and Jack did a better job of illustrating that empathy is important because you never know what another person might be going through.

But Auggie is often reduced to his disfigurement and to his suffering at the hands of bullies.


What if someone could give you all the answers to a big test in school? Is there What Do You Do?: A Child's Book of Virtues on your Kindle in under a minute. This work is intended for ages If a friend had wronged you, how would you react? What if someone could give you all the answers to a big test in school?

In school, he gets compared to Freddy Krueger, receives mean notes on his desk and in his locker, and is the butt of jokes about how the world would be better off if he were dead. Instead, it was made for those who need help understanding that people with physical differences are just like everyone else—something that those of us living with disfigurement have known all along.

The Little Book of Virtues - The Movie

We want to hear what you think about this article. For example, psychotherapy has enormous effects that are lasting beyond the last therapy session, and that is proof that people can change the way they interact with the world. QZ: Do you think knowing about grit as a concept, and its benefits, makes you grittier?

Eventually, they will mediate their weaknesses and raise their strengths. QZ: So back to your life a bit. There was, in fact, a great irony and redemption to the MacArthur Fellowship.

The Book of Virtues

So I think he was not measuring up to his own aspirations, and it was just leaking out of him. The blessing of all this is that I never did think I was a genius. Small wins are enormously important. For example, when I was a graduate student in psychology I submitted my first paper to a top-tier journal—and it got in. I mean, yes, it had to be revised. But that victory fueled my confidence, and gave me the chutzpah to try the next thing.

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If they have a track record of failure after failure, then you do need to figure out, how do I make it possible for this person to have a small win?