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Halo TV show will feature mysterious Master Chief in lead role
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These ripples, frozen with respect to one another, expanded outward as the Universe likewise grew.

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They can still be faintly seen today—many galaxies are spaced apart by about million light years, the size of the largest ripples. But what happened between this freezing long ago, and what astronomers see today, is a mystery.

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The Texas experiment will allow astronomers to fill in some of that gap. They should be able to tease apart the two forces acting upon the expansion of the Universe. But is it constant?

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The same with the ripples. The telescope is in the Davis Mountains of West Texas, which provide some of the darkest and clearest skies in the continental United States.

The upgraded version took its first image on July Completing the experiment will take three or four years, but astronomers expect to have a pretty good idea about their findings within the first year. If dark energy is constant, then our Universe has a dark, lonely future, as most of what we can now observe will eventually disappear over the horizon at speeds faster than that of light. But if dark energy changes over time, then it is hard to know what will happen, Suntzeff said. One unlikely scenario—among many, he said—is a phase transition. Dark energy might go through some kind of catalytic change that would propagate through the Universe.

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Then it might be game over, which would be a nice thing to know about in advance. You must login or create an account to comment.

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Bill Nowlin Photography. McDonald Observatory. This back view of the telescope shows the support structure of the primary mirror turquoise , as well as the tracker that sits above the mirror and supports the new optical system. Ethan Tweedie Photography. The new optical system includes four mirrors that sit above the primary mirror of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope. The primary mirror feeds light from cosmic targets into the system, which sharpens the view before sending that light into the telescope's science instruments. This diagram shows the telescope's new, upgraded field of view center , compared to its original field of view right and the full Moon left.

Tim Jones. The dark energy experiment will search a large region of the sky that overlaps the Big Dipper.

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On Tuesday, Master beat Ke Jie, a year-old Chinese prodigy who currently tops worldwide rankings for the ancient board game also known as weiqi. Many players, including Ke, speculate that Master, too, is an AI player. Master first appeared in the Chinese Go community on Dec. So far, Master has only played quick games, leading players to wonder if slow matches may be the last hope for humans competing against machines.

On Dec.

The Mysterious Master (Radio Edit)

A storm is brewing; I will bring all of my wisdom to the ultimate battle! When Ke lost on Tuesday, the competition between human and AI players again began to garner public attention. By Wednesday afternoon, Master had won 54 games, including one against Nie Weiping, a veteran champion whose fame has made him a household name in China. Some players have hypothesized that Master is, in fact, an updated version of AlphaGo. Most professional Go players are more excited than disappointed by the appearance of Master.

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