Nano and Micro Engineered Membrane Technology: v. 10 (Membrane Science and Technology)

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Ulbricht, M. Surface modification of ultrafiltration membranes by low temperature plasma II. Graft polymerization onto polyacrylonitrile and polysulfone. Yu, H. Enhancing antifouling property of polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane by grafting zwitterionic copolymer via UV-initiated polymerization. Shim, J. Surface immobilization of polymer brushes onto porous poly vinylidene fluoride membrane by electron beam to improve the hydrophilicity and fouling resistance.

Polymer Guildf 48 , — Belfer, S. Modification of NF membrane properties by in situ redox initiated graft polymerization with hydrophilic monomers.

Membranes | Free Full-Text | Progress of Nanocomposite Membranes for Water Treatment | HTML

Rahimpour, A. Preparation and characterization of modified nano-porous PVDF membrane with high antifouling property using UV photo-grafting. Zhu, Y. A novel zwitterionic polyelectrolyte grafted PVDF membrane for thoroughly separating oil from water with ultrahigh efficiency. A 1 , — Zhao, X.

Atomic layer deposition for membrane interface engineering

Grafting perfluoroalkyl groups onto polyacrylonitrile membrane surface for improved fouling release property. Kasemset, S. Ju, H. Yoon, K. High flux ultrafiltration nanofibrous membranes based on polyacrylonitrile electrospun scaffolds and crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol coating.

High flux ultrafiltration membranes based on electrospun nanofibrous PAN scaffolds and chitosan coating. Polymer Guildf 47 , — Lee, H. Mussel-inspired surface chemistry for multifunctional coatings. Yang, H. Polydopamine-coated nanofibrous mats as a versatile platform for producing porous functional membranes. Kang, S. One-step modification of superhydrophobic surfaces by a mussel-inspired polymer coating. Cui, J. Immobilization and intracellular delivery of an anticancer drug using mussel-inspired polydopamine capsules.

Biomacromolecules 13 , — Wang, X. Development of hydrophilic barrier layer on nanofibrous substrate as composite membrane via a facile route. High flux filtration medium based on nanofibrous substrate with hydrophilic nanocomposite coating. Ma, H.

Nanostructured membranes and modules for water treatment

High flux thin film nanofibrous composite ultrafiltration membranes containing cellulose barrier layer. You, H. Low pressure high flux thin film nanofibrous composite membranes prepared by electrospraying technique combined with solution treatment. McCloskey, B. Composite membranes based on a selective chitosan-poly ethylene glycol hybrid layer: synthesis, characterization, and performance in oil-water purification. Kota, A. Hygro-responsive membranes for effective oil—water separation. Feng, X.

Wenzel, R. Resistance of solid surfaces to wetting by water. Wen, Q. Zeolite-coated mesh film for efficient oil—water separation. Zhang, J. Cao, Y. ACS Appl. Interfaces 5 , — Feng, L. A super-hydrophobic and super-oleophilic coating mesh film for the separation of oil and water. Gao, C. Integrated oil separation and water purification by a double-layer TiO2-based mesh. Energy Environ. Kim, B. Critical entry pressure for liquids in hydrophobic membranes. Colloid Interface Sci. Xue, Z. Zhang, W. Superhydrophobic and superoleophilic PVDF membranes for effective separation of water-in-oil emulsions with high flux.

Benfer, S. Development and characterization of ceramic nanofiltration membranes.

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Yoshino, Y. Development of tubular substrates, silica based membranes and membrane modules for hydrogen separation at high temperature. Faibish, R. Fouling and rejection behavior of ceramic and polymer-modified ceramic membranes for ultrafiltration of oil-in-water emulsions and microemulsions.

A , 27—40 Fouling-resistant ceramic-supported polymer membranes for ultrafiltration of oil-in-water microemulsions. Meng, T. Nano-structure construction of porous membranes by depositing nanoparticles for enhanced surface wettability. Hua, F. Performance study of ceramic microfiltration membrane for oily wastewater treatment. Yang, C. Benito, J. Preparation and characterization of tubular ceramic membranes for treatment of oil emulsions. Zhou, J. Separation of stable oil—water emulsion by the hydrophilic nano-sized ZrO2 modified Al2O3 microfiltration membrane. Hyun, S.

Recent progress in developing advanced membranes for emulsified oil/water separation

Mittal, P. Synthesis of low-cost hydrophilic ceramic—polymeric composite membrane for treatment of oily wastewater.

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Desalination , 54—62 Zhong, J. Treatment of oily wastewater produced from refinery processes using flocculation and ceramic membrane filtration.

Srijaroonrat, P. Vasanth, D.

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Fabrication and properties of low cost ceramic microfiltration membranes for separation of oil and bacteria from its solution. Zhong, Z. Ceramics Int. Hirose, M.