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Pediatrics High Yield Chart for Medical Students 1. I like Pediatrics High Yield Chart for Nursing RN Students 1. We find Pediatrics High Yield Chart for. Actual pediatrics high yield chart for medical students 1 pdf ebooks. Find pediatrics high yield chart for medical students 1 immediately.

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  • Pretest Pediatrics is an essential high yield review app for board prep.

All Radiology and All Cardiology. All Internal Medi All Family Medici All Anatomy. One of the sections I found most useful is the section on Endocrine, Metabolic, and Genetic Disorders. Such disorders are highly tested on the NBME shelf exam as well as the USMLE Step 2 CK exam, and Pretest Pediatrics provides a great overview of the key clinical characteristics of the most commonly tested ones, including board favorites such as glycogen and lysosomal storage diseases. I also liked that Pretest Pediatrics included individual sections on specific pediatric populations such as the newborn and the adolescent.

The newborn section in particular contained many useful images that would be likely to show up on exams, such as chest and abdominal x-rays, as well as pictures of newborns suffering from various conditions.

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I attribute my success on the pediatric shelf exam largely to my review with Pretest. This app is a must-have in your study arsenal. It is tremendously useful for learning throughout your pediatrics clerkship as well as a last-minute review before the exam.

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Amenorrhea This is a very important NBME topic focuses on various endocrine and environmental etiologies of primary and secondary amenorrhea and includes diagnostic considerations for each etiology, as well as optimal management strategies and much more. Breast Cancer Our extensive image bank includes mammographies and ultrasounds. Within our clinical knowledge library, you will find guidelines for breast cancer screening, information on the clinical assessment of suspected breast cancer, common predisposing factors, treatment options, and much more.

Review our Qbank to learn more on neoplastic and non-neoplastic causes for breast pain and nipple discharge. Cervical Cancer Screening Some of our high-yield topics include cervical cancer screening, the major classes of epithelial cell abnormalities that can be seen on a Pap smear, as well as classifications of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia CIN and management algorithms based on the findings. Additionally, topics such as HPV subtypes and vaccination options are covered. Female Reproductive System and Breast The complexities of the female reproductive system and similarities of the diseases associated therein demand exposure to the diverse styles of questions.

Our Qbank features multiple examples of how certain diseases will be tested on standardized exams, from infectious to immunologic and inflammatory disorders of the breast and female reproductive system.

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Hypertensive States of Pregnancy We cover such topics as preeclampsia, eclampsia, and HELLP syndrome, including risk factors for each of these hypertensive states. Within the clinical knowledge library, you can find even more information, including such things as diagnostic criteria, treatments and management options.

Infertility You can find various etiologies of female-based infertility i.