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I nodded my head and she released my arms from the bar and allowed me to walk to the bathroom. The heels made the trip more of an adventure than a simple walk to the toilet. When I arrived, she was already waiting for me. She directed me to lower my panties, and to turn around. The panel that confined my cock had a zipper down the center that would allow it to be opened. She unlocked this from behind and told me to unzip it forward. She then told me to sit on the toilet with my legs apart to ensure that the edges of the corset did not get wet.


As I sat down, my bladder emptied to my very great relief. I was then told to close the zipper and she again locked it.

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We returned to the outer room and she gave me a good look at the hobble skirt telling me that I had better spend a little time now walking before she put it on since after it would be even more difficult. She then pulled the hobble skirt up over my now flaring hips and settled the waist into my unnaturally tight curve. The skirt was made of a heavy fabric that made it clear to me that it would not give or tear. After tightening the waist strap, she then systematically buttoned the skirt down the back. When she was finished, my body was tightly encased in the corset and skirt from just below my breasts to just below my knees.

Her final act was to attach two small straps to my arms at my elbows and then fix the free end to loops at the waist of the skirt. This made moving my arms far very difficult and the very act of trying to scratch my nose impossible. To add to my restraints, she then put a posture collar around my neck which forced my head up and prevented me from seeing right in front. This also laced up the back like the corset and when done up, made it impossible to move my head a great deal.

She connected it to the top of the corset through a series of straps and buckles which had the effect of framing my ersatz breasts. Thus attired, she told me it was time for me to make breakfast for her. Since I would not be eating, she inserted small foam plugs in my nose so that I would not be tempted.

Sissy Tales: Ensnared by Aimee Seoul - Read Online

The Ladybug and the Medlar by Don Komarechka. Star Wars setting - commission story. Kavanagh - A young girl is lured into a secret cottage in a forbidden forest. Her feelings of pleasure and lust had become overwhelmed by the joyous knowledge that Jacob loved her unconditionally. The Creamery.

They prevented my smelling anything, the plug gag in my mouth effectively made tasting anything equally impossible. I was directed to the kitchen and told to make her pancakes and eggs with coffee. I found that doing so, encumbered as I was was very difficult and time consuming, but I finally succeeded and she ate her meal. As she did so, she told me to clean the kitchen up and if I did a good job she would let me have some coffee.

After a quick sip of coffee through a straw, it was time for my next ordeal. It would have been nearly impossible for me to sit properly with the combination of the corset and the hobble skirt. Once seated, she bound my arms to the arms of the chair in such a way as to force my hands onto a small extension she had made. These were painted a vivid red and allowed to dry as she put on the finish coat. When she was done, I was told to get up and clean the room up, everything was to be put back in its proper place and I was expected to vacuum the house.

Moving in the skirt and heels was difficult enough, trying to pick up anything with the claws she had glued to my hands made the task take forever. Finally though, I was done. While my mouth was gagged and I was for the most part silent, that did not prevent her from giving me a great deal of water to drink through a straw. The effect of all the water finally surfaced with a need to find the bathroom. I went to her and gestured that I needed to go and she seemed to understand directing me to the bathroom.

When we arrived, she loosened the back of the skirt and told me to pull this down to my knees. Once I had done so, my legs seemed even more confined with all the material. She unlocked the tiny lock of the chastity panel and told me to go ahead. When I was done, she again locked it closed and buttoned up the back of the skirt.

It was now time for lunch and as before, she expected me to make it for her. Also as before, she inserted the plugs in my nose to prevent my smelling any of it. I was adjusting to the heels and hobbles, but the fingernails were still taking some getting used to. She deemed it appropriate for me to have something to eat, and so gave me half of one of those diet drinks for lunch. She decided that she wanted to have a little sex, that was she had sex and I had little. She lead me to the bed and began to massage my breasts and directed hers to my mouth for care and loving.

For the next few minutes I carefully nibbled and sucked on her luscious globes as she grew hotter and hotter. With my arms pined below my body, I was in no position to argue or help her as she straddled my face again and pushed her pussy into my mouth. I knew what was expected and gave her the tongue-lashing of her life driving her to ecstasy as quickly as I could.

For my reward, she again returned me to the lawn chair and began applying make up to my face. I had not seen myself yet, she had forbidden me to look at any mirrors and I knew that if I did, she would likely blindfold me again and make this all much harder.

Sissy Tales Collection

She applied creams and powders to my cheeks and worked steadily for the next 20 minutes. Finally she finished by applying lipstick to my mouth. It felt like she had put quite a bit more on than was required and I found out why when she gave me another half of the diet drink through the straw. I left red lip prints on the end of the straw finding this a very erotic impression. Before I did however, she again retightened the lacing on the corset until I was again crushed by the confines of the garment.

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She decided that it was time for the laundry, and so for the next hour I carried the heavy baskets of cloths to the laundry and was expected to remain there in the warm room until they were done and folded. At that time, I then carried them back and put them away. Finally done, she had me again report to the lawn chair and as I sat there, she attached a wig to my head completing the image she had been creating all day long. When she was done teasing my new hair into position, she took several pictures and had me pose for her in various forms, some erotic, some not.

As with breakfast and lunch, she had me prepare and serve dinner. So that I would have no idea of how long I was there, she fitted stereo earphones to me and then played nonsense noise and music until she returned. Because of the headphones, I could not hear her approach and was startled when I felt her hands on my breasts. She fondled these for several minutes until I was reacting to her efforts and then she took out a cat and lashed my body focussing on my ass, back, legs and even breasts. Because of the corset and hobble skirt, the pain was very diminished compared to the surprise.

Unknown to me at the time, she had a camera taking stills automatically and the video camera was also going. She was doing a scene from her version of the domination flicks. When she stopped, I felt her attach something to my ankles and suddenly I was in suspension between my arms and legs. She adjusted my body so that I was nearly horizontal.

She removed the plug gag from my mouth and suddenly I was taking in the heady aroma of her sweet pussy. She forced a latex hood onto my head drawing the pony tail from the wig through the top and binding it in the back. She smeared my face all over her crotch to the point that I knew that my face was liberally covered in her juices.

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I then was lowered onto a bench and my arms were bound to the front legs to the elbow and then my forearm was bent parallel to the ground. The bench had a slight slope to it which elevated my ass in the air.

My legs were similarly bound to the legs of the bench, bent at the knee leaving my feet hanging over the end of the shelf. As I squirmed to get comfortable, a wide belt was strapped over my back and I was tightly bound to the thin padding of the bench. The hobble skirt had been removed and I felt cool air on my ass indicating that she had also opened the chastity panel over my crotch and ass. Blind, gagged and deaf, I awaited my next torture. I could tell that it had been lubricated since it was very slippery and I could not keep it out of my ass.

She was wearing a strap on dildo and was getting ready to fuck me up the ass. I later found out that the camera was still rolling and snapping. The image we made would have made the best porno producer proud. To increase my response, she inserted a small vibrator into my fake pussy which reseated against my ensnared cock further exciting me and denying my release.

After she had climaxed, she left me bound to the bench for the next several hours. The combination of fatigue, frustration and immobility finally combined and I found myself sleeping with bizarre dreams and a sudden start when the heady aroma of her pussy found its way to my nose.

She was now laying between my bound arms with her legs on either side of my head and pushing my face into her cunt. As I advanced my tongue, I tasted something sweet and realized it was like cherries and cream. She had filled her box with whipped cream with cherries on top and this was to be my desert for a job well done.

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I eat fully and then she released me. In what was becoming a common part of the training she had in mind, I was again subjected to the tightening of the corset and then prepared for the night. The latex hood remained in place, and my legs were bound with wide straps, my arms to my thighs. In my ears I could hear the sound of the sleep training tape again playing as I fell asleep a bound female sex slave. The next morning I awoke to her gentle caress of my body. Before I was aware of her efforts, I had been untied and she was releasing me from the confines of the corset.

Moments later, the hood also was removed, but before I could say anything, she indicated that I should be silent. Not wishing to start all over again, I kept my mouth shut and watched as she finished unlocking my high heels and removing the last of the bindings of the night. Now naked except for the pussy mask, I was helped to the bathroom where I found a filled bubble bath waiting for me.

She told me to enjoy my bath and be sure to shave my underarms and legs for today. I was also free to use the toilet.